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    Fest shirt

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    As Norwegians worked to establish a national identity in the 1800s, the idea of establishing a national costume became more and more popular. Farm dress was popular, but there are occassions that call for something a little nicer.  The bunad and folkedrakt costumes were created to represent the different areas of Norway while also giving people something beautiful wear for special occasions.  For women this meant an embroidered white shirt, long skirt and bodice or vest.  For men, dark pants or shirts, a white shirt, and vest and coat were worn.  This fest shirt is inspired by the traditional bunad shirt. It can be worn by men or women, on special holidays, or anytime you want to look nice. It is a cotton/ linen blend and shouldn´t shrink in the wash, although it is still recommended to hang it to dry. Thank you to Jonas and Lindsay from @itsacharminglife for the photos! https://www.youtube.com/c/ItsACharmingLife/featured Traditional, sustainable, and ethical made: just like our ancestors would have done it.
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